Thursday, December 19, 2013


I wish I had more to tell you about Tetrus - Halifax punk circa 1990. I can't seem to find anyone from the band, or any information about them really. I can tell you the band comprised of Sean Kirby on bass and vocals, Andy Kim on drums and Paul Basket on guitar. As far as I know they only released one demo tape in 1990. I do recall seeing them a bunch "back in the day" especially at Pub Flamingo and they were a good, tight live band. Luckily I do have their demo and can now share it with all of you! If anyone has any more info on the band feel free to get in touch -

Download the MP3s for the "Change In Mentality" demo:

And have a listen to the full demo on Youtube!

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Gordon B. Isnor said...

I believe that Tetrus may have grown out of the Five Loggers, and that they were a grammar school band; If I recall correctly they opened for Bliss (Montreal) and Kearney Lake Road at the North Street church, as well as at the Green Room, the McGinnis Room, possibly some grammar school events, etc. They practiced at Paul's house which as I recall was somewhere in the Purcell's Cove area. Andy (an extremely technical drummer though it's hard to tell from this demo) later went on to play in a prog band whose name escapes me. Sean broke up Tetrus and worked on a softer/almost folky album with drum machines and acoustic guitars, flutes if I recall, with some of the same (Hill at least) under the name Infra Dig, working with Steve Comeau, with some vocals by Mona Atwell, and probably some other "session" musicians at Adinsound on Quinpool Road. Sean went on to become a lawyer I believe, and I heard that Andy may be a dentist in California. Thanks for posting the demo, sounds as good to me today as it did then.