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False Security - A Halifax hardcore/punk best known for their song on on the Out Of The Fog compilation LP, were one of the main draws of punk shows from their start in 1984 up to 1988. Their vocalist Alfred Woolley takes us back to that time with a little more info on the band!
I think this is from the Casino Theatre...maybe.
So while the band received a fair bit of exposure through the Out Of The Fog track, they also had a little known demo. Vietnam was recorded for "Out of the Fog", so it was about 6 months earlier than the demo and at a different studio. Alfred tells us a bit about the demo and why it such a rare commodity these days. "The lineup for the demo was me singing, Jimmy MacKenzie on lead guitar, Marc MacInnis on rythm guitar, Freddie Parker on bass, & Gerard Watters playing drums. The demo was recorded at the Centre for Art Tapes. It was badly produced by Moritz Gaede. We were so unhappy with the demo that we didn't release it. We made up a few tapes and sold them to people that really wanted them. In that sense, an original False Security tape is a bit of a collectors item. We only made about 20."

I actually think the demo sounds pretty decent and have heard much worse from other local bands. But they hated it so much it ultimately led to the demise of the band. As Aflred puts it, "We broke up partly because we were so disappointed over the demo tape. We hated it and felt like the producer sand bagged us. What that did was start to kill our interest in practising and writing new songs together. We played a few more shows in '87, with a final show in '88 and a reunion in '90."

Sadly the band never toured, not even to New Brunswick which was fairly common for Halifax bands of the time. The only bigger touring band they opened up for was SNFU. It's too bad they didn't get more exposure, as they were a great band and could have had a lot more interest in them. Alfred and Jimmy went on to play in No Offense, and Gerard played in The Quahogs, both in the early to mid 1990's. 

Luckily I have unearthed the demo and present it to you all, plus the comp song! You can just listen here: 


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thank you.ive been wanting to hear the complete demo for a long time.

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