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Hampton, New Brunswick may not be the first town that comes to mind when you think about maritime punk bands, but during the early 90's there was a good little scene there and one of the best bands to come out of this era were The Moaning Lisas. Not only were they from small town New Brunswick but they were 4 teenage girls in a male dominated scene. During their time as a band they put out a 17 song demo tape and a split 7" with Halifax punk band The Chitz. Here is their story with some help from their singer Charlene.

Moaning Lisas live in Hampton, NB

The band consisted of Charlene on vocals, Janita on drums, Angie on guitar, and Jen on bass. They started out around 1993, not with the intention of starting an all girl band but as Charlene put it "We were friends. We were girls. Started a band." Simple as that. Hampton was close to Saint John, a city which had a pretty thriving scene at the time with bands like NFA, Dead Corps, Lizard, Society's Fault, NYD. They mostly played Hampton, Saint John, Halifax and Moncton. Cafe Ole (Halifax) and The Local (Saint John) were the two hot spots.

In the stairwell at Cafe Ole in Halifax

They put out a demo tape in 1994 consisiting of 17 songs, including 4 covers - Pushed Around by Screeching Weasel, 1,2,3,4 by The Putrid Girls, This Is Serious by The Lunachicks and The Crowd by the Circle Jerks (I think their Circle Jerks cover may be better than the original!) There is a distinct sound to the band, with the melodic vocals really making the songs stand out.

After receiving positive feedback from their demo tape they connected with Richard from the Chitz who helped make the split 7" come out. It was released in 1995 on Montreal label EnGuard and featured 4 songs by The Moaning Lisas, this time throwing in a Dayglo Abortions cover in along with the originals. The record sold out fairly quickly and they even got fan mail all way from Germany.

The band never offically broke up, they just stopped playing shows. As Charlene said " happened and we sort of went our separate ways. We all still keep in touch. I don't see a reunion happening though".

Fun fact - the cover art was based on an actual photo where the 2 bands fought to the death.

And of is the demo and split 7":

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Excellent write up. I remember this band very well, and they were most definitely puck rock!