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This Halifax band didn't play any shows and really only had 2 members - D-Rock and Mike Freeborn. DRock played bass and guitar, Mike sang, and a drum machine took care of the beats. They did record a demo in the early 1990's called Another Typical Day that gained some notoriety around the city. I got in touch with D-Rock and Mike to get their take on it!

On the band's formation:
D: We started the band because mikes bother had really cool recording toys,i could barely play guitar but was good on bass this was in highschool at P.A. Darmouth was boring so this is what we did to pass time.
M: I just wanted to piss people off. It's my pastime...My brother had a 4 track, a cheap drum machine and a small rack unit,with some shit in it. A good little set up for 1987. Trying too record your band was impossible unless you had a lot of fuckin money. Many bands where never recorded, and therefore forgotten in the 80's in Halifax. The 4 track changed all that.

On the band members:
D: Me and Mike mostly. John Vine and Kenny at times.
M: If you came by my place with beer or wine and a riff, you could be in the Intoxicators!

On the demo:
D: We recorded allot of stuff as the Dregs of Humanity the we changed into the Intoxicators. I have released the demo couple of times but just gave it away.

On playing shows (or lack thereof):
D: We jut drank a lot of Golden Glow, beers and wine and started to get fat. I blew up pretty badly. We even wrote song about getting fat. We were too fat to play live and too drunk plus it really wasn't a real band anyway. The Plundering Sons (Derek and Mike's later band) were going to do a whole Intoxicators set once. I think we played a song live. I cant remember.

On the hit song Bootfuck:
D: The song Bootfuck got popular on the Mass Turbulence comp later on. That's how MRR heard it, yet they heard our Dregs Of Humanity demo reviewed in a 1989 issue they said we sounded like The Neos and maybe old Circle Jerks.
M: Bootfuck was a big hit...at least bigger than we thought. But when it really comes down to it, Bootfuck is just a rip off of a Zero Boys song.

Final thoughts:
M: People always steal your beer....no one can be trusted.You're thinking about it now......Bastard!

Here is the 9 song demo in MP3 format:

And sample a song here:


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Hilarious band by two hilarious but talented guys.

-- Shut up. Mod!

Fred Parker said...

I've got at least 3 or 4 different versions of "Bootfuck"recorded and sent to C.K.D.U.at various times during the early 90's.Too bad there were never any chances of a live set,but between the whole drum machine thing,and the CRIPPLING lack of venues for an underage gig,....It would a been a good show,but,what can you do?